Pleasure Time With Greyhound – 07.19.21

It’s been a little while since our little Greyhound has received any sexual pleasure and in this hot and streamy stream she gets all that and more compliments of the fucking machine! After having her ass nicely lubed up and ready to go, our horned up little creature gets on all fours on the bondage table and carefully guides the large dildo on the fucking machine into her ass, things start off nice and slow but as the machine picks up pace and rams the dildo harder and harder into Greyhounds ass until she becomes a drippy mess and presents her tongue to the camera wanting even more. After finally wearing herself out our satisfied little creature curls up on the bondage table for a brief nap before finally concluding this stream by showing off her beautiful naked body by presents down on the table!

187 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:45:11

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