Graias – Tiny Cutie Likes It – Part 2 – Little Lena

Tiny girl lovers are happy to know that Lena decides to stay with Dr Lomp and participate in more movies. The tough master has warned her about the enhanced cruelty in the further scenes, and the teen has admitted that she had come here to experience this. Thus, Dr Lomp is beginning to push for the poor slave girl now. In the second scene of her debut, Lena’s soles will suffer all the torment. Dr Lomp will take the rattan cane in hand and begin to test the pain tolerance of the cute teen. The girl will sit on the torment bench, her ankles will be cuffed, and she will be beaten until her soles get reddened. Those who like fragile girls, you will love this sole caning movie, watch it.

652 MB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:12:39

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