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Mistress Miranda in London owns a lot of gear, and we believe this helmet is one of her best pieces. It is a video helmet from Rubbers Finest. This unusual helmet is made of thick black rubber and has video goggles built into the eye sockets which force the subject to watch the video images and nothing else. Mistress Miranda uses a live video camera to feed the helmet so her subject can see their own torment from a third party perspective. Mistress Miranda calls this setup her ‘Mistress Cam’.

In this play scene the popular bondage model Elise Graves is strapped to Miranda’s medical table and tormented with Serious Kit nipple suction, e-stim, and electrified dildo. During the entire process Elise is able to watch her own torment via the video helmet. As you watch this video the image cuts between our camera and the video helmet feed, so you are able to see exactly what Elise is seeing. This is a very unusual video.

A special thanks to Mistress Miranda, Elise Graves, Petgirl Kako (the Mistress Cam operator), Rubber’s Finest for the video helmet, and Serious Kit for the suction system.

585 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:19:39

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