Lydia Black, Hazel Paige, Charlotte Sartre – Anal Creature Training

Still dazzled by my time with Rory, I finally made it to my last region, the Midwest. I’ve been expanding the gear for all this documentary domination in the great outdoors, and the truck’s been getting awfully hard to pack. So I decided to pick one huge property in Wisconsin and bring 3 girls there for several days of kink instead of using multiple properties. The three girls were Charlotte Sartre, Lydia Black, and Hazel Paige.

On our first full day together, we created a demented anal human centipede. Hazel was in the front and Lydia in the back. Charlotte and I trained the creature from late in the afternoon through sunset. There was a lot of crawling around, ass to mouth, and silly tricks. There was also corn on the cock. Yes, that. Watch, and you’ll see what I mean.

3.04 GB | 2048 x 858 | mp4 | 01:13:01

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