Lunch With Greyhound – 06.21.21

It’s lunch time for Greyhound and she enjoys it the only way she knows how…. naked, collared, and bound! This multi-camera stream showcases our little creature in all of her submissive glory, with her thick Axsmar collar locked around her neck and secured to the wall with a heavy chain and her arms cuffed and locked to the back of her metal bondage belt, our little creature is nicely bound as she enjoys her Soylent lunch. Carefully balancing on her knees with limited movement, Greyhound begins eagerly lapping up her Soylent and while enjoying her meal she shows off her playful side while laying on her back with her legs spread, presenting her eager mouth and tongue and showing off her dripping pussy all for your pleasure and amusement!

203 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:46:40

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