Lunch for Puppy (Outdoor Edition) – 06.07.21

In this great afternoon stream, our little pup becomes one with nature as she enjoys a nice outdoor lunch! After beginning things by presenting down and obediently showing her ass to the camera, our hungry pup crawls as far as her chain leash will allow and moves her water and food bowls into position before eating and it doesn’t take long for our hungry Greyhound to finish off both her water and kibble then show off both empty bowls and stack them together. Now well fed and watered, our playful little pup lays on her back and shows off her pussy, crawls around in the dirt and fetches a stick and plays with the chickens before curling up in the dirt for a brief nap then concludes the stream by showing off her sweaty and dirt covered body by presenting down for the camera!

772 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:45:12

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