Karlee Paige: The De Sade Club 15-3 Needle Play

Part 1 is the needle insertion into and string decoration of, Karlee’s tits.
Petite spinner Karlee’s first “needle play” fetish scene. Harry Grey and Sandra Moore clean her chest thoroughly with an antiseptic wipe and a sterilizing wipe. Harry begins a methodical process of pinching the flesh around Karlee’s tits with forceps then thrusts a sterile needle through the flesh. Nine needles in the right tit, ten in the left, are inserted from the outside in leaving the tips at the base of the nipple. After Harry has inserted multiple needles into Karlee’s tits he winds colored string around the needles. The various colored strings lay across Karlee’s tit forming a maze of colors like a multi-layered flower blossom.

Part 2 is the standing missionary fucking, needle removal and BTS.
Petite spinner Karlee’s first “needle play” fetish scene. Once Karlee’s tits are fully decorated Harry spreads her legs and enjoys a standing missionary fuck that leads to his soft climax and a moist creampie in Karlee’s sweet cunt. Once finished there’s a bit of behind the scenes activity as Harry removes the needles and the string flower blossoms. Then a final antiseptic wipe and Karlee is done.

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