InfernalRestraints – 131 – Nube (INSEX – Remastered) (05.17.23)

Sweet and soft-spoken with a taste for adventure, sage comes to Insex to explore her desires.

After answering her interview questions, she is tied to the chair with legs spread. Her bra is pulled down, exposing taut, pierced nipples; panties are cut off and stuffed in her mouth. A crotch rope aggravates her bare, shaved pussy.

Stripped of everything except her purple kneesocks, she struggles on the ground in a harsh hogtie. PD adds to her suffering, cutting the socks to tickle her soles and bind her bare feet.
Seated on a metal chair, she is rendered helpless with arms restrained in a straightjacket and ankles shackled at her sides. Her face colors as a leather noose pulls tight around the neck, strangling. A dildo is pumped up inside her cunt; the vibrator plays with her clit.

A leather hood is zipped closed over her head. Tortured once again with the vibrator, she pants and moans through a short breathing tube.

Resting on her stomach, she is bound to the chair with bent legs splayed open and straight arms tight together behind her back. A rag is stuffed in her mouth, held in place with a head harness to muffle her cries as weights tug at her clamped nipples and Mr. Pogo is thrust in and out of her vulnerable cunt. Her firm breasts and tender feet receive some blows with the cane.

Tongue squeezed in a wooden bit gag, she is lifted into a suspension. The elephant’s trunk assaults her pearly flesh; body contorting, she dances in midair.

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