InfernalRestraints – 1030 (aka Alisha Angel, Ice Creame) – Claustrophilia (INSEX – Remastered) (06.20.22)

Her Master sent her to inSEX for some intensive training. With golden blonde hair and an angelic smile, she looked so sweet and pure. But beneath that cute exterior lay an astoundingly strong, brave woman driven by her own desire. In the live feed from November 18, 2001, 1030 stoically accepts all of PD’s tortures, confronts her fears, and suffers gracefully throughout. Locked down to the studio floor in metal stocks, 1030 first receives a lesson in patience and discomfort. She fidgets uneasily before the cameras, switching between the 3 positions that her bondage allows. After an hour and a half, she is transferred to a small cage. Hunched over with pale skin pressed against cold, harsh, metal, 1030 silently accepts her confinement and anxiously awaits what is to come.
The show begins at 6 with the decorations dresden and 1017 locked into their respective cages. PD cuts off his victim’s dress and stuffs a gag into her mouth so that her screams are almost inaudible as he canes her sensitive feet.
Squeezing her head between a vice, he increases her confinement and keeps her in place for a session of face torture. A metal gag forces her mouth open and a leather cord holds her tongue out. A hook raises her nose and opens her nostrils wide. PD uses a dildo to fuck the helpless girl in both her cunt and mouth. After two hours in the cage, 1030 is finally released. Her cramped body is stretched out on a vertical rack with arms tied behind back with vertical rope and legs straddling two horizontal boards. A leather belt is pulled tight around her neck so that she must maintain an erect posture to avoid strangling herself. Once bra and panties are removed, she giggles and stares down in disbelief as PD suctions her nipples, tits and pussy. She languishes in pain for awhile but realizes the real torture comes when the cups are removed. Not letting up, PD immediately encloses two castration bands around each of her taut, sore nipples. He ties off her pussy tightly with leather then uses the eroscillator but instructs her not to come. Next he flogs her red, engorged cunt then moves on to her tits. Continuing to make use of the rack, PD pulls up one limber leg and ties it high at an angle. Hard whacks with the cane on the exposed inner thigh invoke groans and screams of terror. But when PD reprimands her for resisting, she quietly accepts his strokes as her eyes well up with tears.

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