The Girl Who Can’t Refuse – Sandbag’s Debut – Part 1 – Graias

Another new good girl is on the stage. The sub’s name is Sandbag. She knows why she is invited. She accepts all from the beginning. She doesn’t have any “no” word in her slavery book. Now it’s time to welcome Sandbag, Dr Lomp’s new victim. In this very first BDSM record of the girl, Sandbag will meet the experienced master’s hardest punishments. Since he has discovered Sandbag’s submissive and easy character, Dr Lomp is determined to get the maximum from this pain slut. The new girl will taste some of those terrible punishment instruments on her sensitive fresh pale skin. Watch the movie now, and don’t let Sandbag all alone with Dr Lomp in her first BDSM experience.

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