EverythingButt – Kitt Jones And Violet Bombs: Such A Pretty Hole (02.20.24)

Tall, blonde Kitt Jones is excited to have her kinky way with curvy Violet Bomb’s sexy, slutty ass today. She sticks a piece of pink tape over Violet’s pussy to keep it off limits–after all this is everything butt so she doesn’t want to get distracted by her other hole. Kitt inspects Violet’s asshole and finds it very tight so she loosens it up with her tongue and fingers to get Violet ready for the big guns coming her way. First butt toy is a pretty blue dildo. Kitt slides it in easily and fucks Violet’s hole, making her moan and cum hard. She is so hot and horny and ready to cum for her mistress, what a fun little fuck-toy she is going to be today! Kitt licks the dildo clean and loves how sweet Violet’s ass tastes. Now Kitt prepares a hard, heavy stainless steel dildo by sticking it in her little toy’s mouth to get it all wet and then fills her ass and fucks her while vibing her sensitive clit with the Hitachi. She is not allowed to cum until Kitt says it’s ok but it’s very difficult! Violet follows orders and counts to ten before she lets it rip, her whole body shakes and quivers as she cums after holding back for so long. After several more orgasms Violet sucks Kitt’s strap on dildo to get it ready for her tight butthole. It’s big and will surely stretch her pretty little hole right out. First Violet rides her cock in reverse cowgirl and then bends over a table and Kitt Jones fucks her ass real good and drives Violet crazy. Violet Bomb just can’t get enough action so Kitt rims her asshole, fucks her with 5 fingers and makes her gape with the metal dildo. Now it’s Kitt’s turn to cum and her little slut knows just what to do. Violet fingers Kitt’s tight hole while rubbing her pussy and then fucks her ass with the blue dildo just right. She wants something bigger so Violet pushes a huge clear acrylic dildo up Kitt’s ass which sends her over the top with orgasms and makes her eyes roll back in her head. Finally Kitt is on her back with those long lean legs spread wide, her red latex platform boots waver in the air as she vibes her pussy and Violet fucks her hole, sending Kitt into another delicious mind blowing orgasm.

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