BondageLiberation – Elise Graves, Dart_Tech – Time To Breathe

Holy shit, this breath control set up is pretty serious. First, my breasts trussed up with electrical clamps, next my arms and feet are tightly plastic wrapped to the dental chair. After that, my mouth is tightly taped up, leaving only my nose to breathe through. Then the fun begins! Breath play aficionado and new play friend, Dart_Tech (with the help of Mark from Serious Bondage) has created some breath control software that electronically opens and closes a motorized valve which allows me to breathe or not. In this particular case, the settings are ten seconds open and ten seconds closed. Which means I have only ten seconds to breathe and then my air supply is turned off. This might seem easy at first, but trust me, over time lungs begin to tire of holding breath. To make matters more challenging, Dart’s program also controls an esteem box, which is shocking my breasts while I have access to air, but the interesting thing is that when you are being shocked, you kind of forget to breathe! Additionally, the program enables everyone to know what is happening, as a bright red light is illuminated when I have no access to air, so there is no doubt as to what is taking place. Interestingly, we also hooked up a medical patient monitor to assess my heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Due to the high level of collaboration and team work it required to get this all set up, I have included BTS footage so you can get a sense of the complexity and awareness it required to set something like this up. Go breath play team!

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