DeviceBondage – Gia Derza, The Pope – Fits Like A Glove: Jewelz Blu (01.01.24)

Gia Derza is a tough slut who has a magical butt hole. She decided the last time her and The Pope saw each other that she wanted him to fuck her ass with his fist. This is not an easy feat. for anyone, but Gia wants it, and what Gia wants, Gia gets. She begins on her knees with her magnificent ass in the air for easy access. The Pope jumps right in and begins trying to shove his entire massive hand in Gia’s durable ass. The spanking and torment will come later, but for now it’s all about his fist going inside of her ass. In the next scene, Gia is in a brutal back bend on the floor. She is locked into place with cold steel bars and shackles that render her helpless. Her flesh is under assault as he uses several impact toys to inflict pain. Gia screams, but we know this slut wants it, so The Pope continues to give her exactly what she came for. Her nipples are clamped and tied with elastic, so that when the weight is added it keeps the tension tight. In the final scene, Gia is on her back with her feet in the air for some brutal bastinado, heavy breath play, pussy vibing, and more ass fucking.

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