Cunt Whipping – 03.28.22

Our obedient creature starts things off by presenting herself nicely to the camera in a standing position with her ass facing the camera then on orders from her owner she turns around in place and gives you a view of her beautiful naked body from all angles. Eventually she is led to the bed by her owner and is ordered to crawl up onto it, once she is on her back she has her ankles locked to two chains hanging from the ceiling then has her wrists cuffed to them as well leaving her nicely exposed. Now that she is nicely exposed her owner teases her clit with a variety of devious bondage devices including a crop, a flogger, a small leather strap and more. As the session concludes, our little creature has her hands cuffed behind her back and is led downstairs to her cage where she is ordered inside and is left nicely hogtied for the rest of the evening.

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