Crotch-Rope Challenge – 05.09.22

Your favorite creature always likes to be placed in some stressful predicaments and gets her wish in this devious crotch rope challenge! Our little Greyhound finds herself nicely bound in between two cages, with her hands locked behind her back and secured to the sleeping cage behind her, the nasty crotch rope tied tightly between her legs keeps her balanced precariously on her tiptoes as to prevent the rope from sliding deeper into her crotch. Without the use of her hands, our resourceful little creature places her feet on the vertical standing cage in front of her and uses it to lift herself up off the ground to relieve the pressure from the crotch rope, it isn’t long before the pain sets in though and she is left dangling from the ceiling while enduring the pain and suffering from her bondage!

213 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:45:10

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