Casual Puppy – 07.12.21

In this fun lunch stream, our little pup shows off her rarely seen casual side! As the stream begins you get a rare glimpse of a fully dressed Greyhound as she comes in from outside wearing a cute pink crop top, blue jeans and a pair of flip-flops. After checking her weight on the scale, our little creature happily shows off her measuring cup filled with kibble, then as we switch to a wider view Greyhound obediently walks on her tiptoes as she heads to her mat and fills her food bowl with her kibble. As our little pup begins her transformation from human to pup she takes a variety of slave positions before locking on her dog collar and beginning her lunch, as she chows down on her kibble she soon sheds her crop top and jeans before finally completing her transformation by lubing up her dog tail and inserted it into her ass. Once she finishes her meal she presents her empty bowls to the camera then shows off her obedience while presenting down for the camera like a good pup!

139 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:50:56

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