Caged Torment – 07.05.21

In this great cage stream, Greyhound has her stamina tested by being made to stand in heels in her vertical standing cage! Hooded and secured with a nice posture collar and waist chain, our helpless little creature has no choice but to remain standing in her small and narrow steel prison, to ensure she stays in place her nipples are clamped with the chain running around the bars of the cage and the heavy chain around her waist is locked securely to the sides, and to make sure she doesn’t try to loosen her bonds or free herself her hands are locked securely away in a nice pair of bondage mitts. As the time slowly ticks by, the pain of standing in her heels begins to take its toll and poor little Greyhound does everything she can to ease her suffering!

208 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:44:54