BrutalMaster – Tramp – Strung Up Meat (04.06.23)

There is just something about a cute little bitch strung up, upside down. Right? Think about it, being bound, even bound suspended, is hard. Add to that the disorientation of inversion taking the preliminary dehumanization to a whole new level.

Then comes the whipping. Put yourself in this bitch’s place for a moment. (Oh, so you know, she had no idea what was actually going to happen.) She is hooded, inverted, and strung up like a piece of fucking beef but she did not know what would happen next.

As we said, then came the whipping, a bullwhipping that worked this cunt over but good. The one great thing about Tramp, little piece of shit that she is, is she makes wonderful noises, moaning, screams, grunts, you name it. All of it makes her sound even more like the worthless cunt she is.

Remember, this pig truly and utterly believes she needs to be tortured just because she is a female – we see her as an object, a thing, that is in HELL! because this is the one place on earth she truly belongs.

Of course, all of this is for the art of agony. Tramp, Strung Up for your amusement.

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