BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – Udders The Final Destruction (04.01.23)

It just gets worse and worse for Slave Filth. Her tits have been brutalized with the shell cane, and now, well, it is as if those udders are not even human anymore. They are nailed, clamped, pierced with needles, and bleeding while the bitch cries, whimpers and moans in pain.

Of course, it is not as if she is a human being. She is an object who suffers so you can get off, or at least laugh at her agony.

During all this, the cunt reminds herself that this is exactly what she deserves, what she needs, and why she is in HELL! to begin with. At one point she even tried to lick the blood off her own mangled tits. What a piece of meat.

Slave Filth’s Udders, The Final Destruction.

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