BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – Shaved & Tortutred (02.09.23)

It is about time this piece of meat was shaved, don’t you think – along with having her huge udders tortured at the same time. She looks so much better now, makeup running from tears of pain and humiliation, udders bound and bruised, and a bald head which she will keep from now on.

Here is what the cunt had to say about it in her own words:

“During her recent visit, slave was excited to have her head shaved especially by Master. It felt like another milestone in her servitude to Him. 24 hours after this cunts arrival she was stripped of her identity.
It was only fitting for Master to choose a pink dress for slave to wear. The color pink is a sign of purity, innocence and childlike in slaves opinion. The dress was a little tight in the body and the sleeves fell off slaves shoulders and stopped at the udders. Master chose black thigh high boots and as usual the whores hair was in pigtails.
Pig tails which would be worn for the last time.
When the first pig tail was being cut she could not comprehend what was happening. It would not be until the second one was cut and the realization came and so did tears. They were not sad tears. They were happy tears because of what was being stripped from her.
As Master was shaving her head she looked into His eyes because it was an intimate moment between slave and her Master. It was slave silently thanking Master and being humbled.
This piece of meat was being stripped of her personality and individuality. she could no longer hide from the person she was and was ready to tell the world who she really is.
It was much more and just as her collar meant something being a bald slave means something. It is another level of commitment, honor, privilege and respect this property has for being Masters .
she is a cunt, pig, object, piece of meat, ass licker, whore, urinal, furniture, and whatever else the Owner commands her to be.
she will obey every command He gives to her. What she is depends on what Master wants the property to be.”
What do you think we should do to this pig next? A sealed ring in her nose would seem appropriate.

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