BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – Boot Black Bitch (12.28.21)

As we draw to the the end of the year, Slave Filth has some work to do. BrutalMaster will be stepping out and the bitch has some shoes to shine. After all, they are not going to shine themselves, just like that cunt’s ass is not going to beat itself.

And both of those things are happening.

Filth has responsibilities in HELL!, among them, boot black. Of course, to make it more fun, the bitch does that work in chains with intermittent beatings to keep her, shall we say, focused.

Yes, let’s say it that way.

It also reminds her she is slave meat, a cunt, a servant, barely human, nothing above that. For every bit of agony she endures, for every menial task, for every degradation for your amusement, she is a tiny bit less worthless.

Today, Filth is a Boot Black Bitch.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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