BrutalMaster – Raven – A Bitch’s Return To HELL! (12.10.22)

This could be a master class in watching a bitch be destroyed, and Raven is exactly the right object for this tutorial. This is not her first time in torturous ballet boots, strung up, her huge udders bruised and welted from a brutal beating. But here is the thing, she freely admits she needs this cruel treatment because she knows she is an object.

After all, look at how she dresses, with her skirt so short it barely covers her ass and her tits hanging out so you can see her nipples – and that is just her regular everyday outfit.

To make this all the more punishing, the bitch endures a heretic fork so she can’t move her head around as the torture continues. This is what the cunt needs, she is used, passed around, whored and essentially a professional asswipe.

Her true place is in HELL!
Raven, a Bitch’s Return to HELL!

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