BrutalMaster – Peril – Gimped (11.02.23)

It is important to remember in HELL!, being gimped is not merely being bound or trussed up, it also involves being tortured, degraded, humiliated, and objectified. Remarkably, Peril was actually excited to be gimped, because she is a real piece of meat who literally craves the most intense and extreme abuse and torture.

Like a good girl should.

(By request, you can see the slut begin to climb up the poll to get ready. Several of you have asked for more of the meat as they are preparing for torture.)

Peril is in HELL!’s studio, her hands in extreme strappado, precariously balancing in ballet heels, hooded and gimped with her tits exposed and clamped.

In HELL! we call that Tuesday.

But for Peril, the real fun is about to begin in the form on a cruel, brutal caning that leaves her with welts covering her thighs and completely spent on the floor, like a rag doll

Peril suffers for your amusement as a Gimp.

(Watch Peril’s delightful interview at the end of the video.)

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