BrutalMaster – Peril – First Time Skewered Titmeat (08.23.22)

Once again, New Meat in HELL! Don’t you just love that?

This meat is named Peril, and it is truly an apt name for this bitch. It would be safe to say that being in peril is her happy place.

She was in HELL! literally minutes when she found herself in the dungeon, bound to the torture ladder, with her udders skewered and bleeding. Her screams were delightful.

Things started with her silly bra being cut off by BrutalMaster, just to remind her what those udders of hers were for, they were tied tightly and some crushing nipple clamps with bells added to her torment. Of course, this is HELL! and tits gotta’ be tortured. The bruising started. Then came the needles and, eventually, the skewers and the blood running down her lovely body.

But this is only half the story, because after the first two (admittedly large) skewers, she passed out. But this is HELL! so a cunt merely fainting does not end the torment, not by a long shot.

This is Peril and you will be seeing a lot more of her so enjoy her suffering.

Peril and her Skewered Tits.

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