BrutalMaster – It – In Storage (06.29.23)

What do you do with a beaten gimp?

In HELL! BrutalMaster gets a lot of questions, one of the most common is, what do you do with the slaves and other bitches when you are not using or torturing them. In all honesty, the answer varies based on the piece of meat. Some are caged, some are merely chained up. Some might have specific chores or even hard labor. But some are simply put in storage, as is the case with It.

First off, we need to member, It is, essentially, a gimp. It can spend nearly all its time in latex, with a hood or mask on, and gimped in some manner. It is often left in some restrained position for great lengths of time, such as in this illustration of it in storage.

It uses a bucket to piss in before being chained to a cot with an old mattress. You can see the marks and bruises on it from a previous beating. It is also in Ballet Boots to ensure it remembers it is a gimped piece of meat that is available for use at any time.

So, for those of you who want to see what a cunt looks like when not being used, when in locked up for the night, meat is for you.

It is a gimp In Storage.

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