BrutalMaster – It – Gimped and Shocked (07.27.23)

Shocking, Just shocking

Imagine being completely encased in a tight-fitting wrap with only your tits and your feet visible. You are unable to speak and your only communication was by grunting, like an animal. All your humanity has been erased and you are reduced to nothing but a toy played with in the most painful and degrading manner. Imagine that.

It does not have to imagine because the cunt is in exactly that position. But that is just the beginning of the agony. This non-human thing, this object, this plaything is clamped and electric probes are attached to his cunt. When the current races through its body, the noise it makes are impossible to describe, you have to hear it for yourself.

This is torture, on level, mixed with humiliation and the degradation of knowing It has nothing left save its ability to entertain via its utter agony.

It is nothing, it knows it is nothing.

It is Gimped & Shocked just for you!

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