BrutalMaster – It – Bed Frame Gimp (10.20.22)

Sometimes, especially with a gimp, you just need to put it away. You know, sort of like storage for something that is not quite human but also fulfills some human requirements. And sometimes, when you put it away, you also want it to suffer, which is exactly what happened to It.

In this case, It is being stored away for an extended period in the office while BrutalMaster does some other work. It is gimped and then bound to an old bed frame. It’s not very comfortable for It, but who cares. To make it even less comfortable, there are electric shock collars on each thigh and, just for fun, occasionally the worthless little piece of meat is shocked. A bucket is underneath it just in case it needs to, well you know.

During the course of all this, the cunt is clearly suffering, can’t move, and of course she has been written on with her own blood. As a reminder, it says “hurt me,” And that is exactly what continues to happen throughout this. This is true punishment, It can’t move even though the torture continues on and on and on.

If you love watching a gimp suffer (and who doesn’t) you are going to just love this.

It, the bed frame gimp.

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