BrutalMaster – Dog – Humiliated Animal (10.02.23)

What A Bitch Looks LIke

This may look like humiliation, and it is. As Dog said, she is “committed to looking ridiculous.” But this is also torture, as you can see by the marks on the bitch’s body. This is a cunt looking like a cunt should look.

With the help of Bosch, Dog is trussed up like a four-legged piece of meat and beaten while she performs tricks, all of which just make her look like the degraded cunt she is.

WIth her muzzle in place, and ballet heels objectifying her, she fetches a ball with belled nipple clamps on her well used nipples.

HELL! is the only place for this bitch and she is HELL!’s bitch.

Dog, is a Humiliated Animal, Committed to Looking Riduculous.

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