BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Chess Piece (09.26.23)

The Game is Pain

Is it a queen or a pawn? On a chess board, looking like a playing piece but this is not a cerebral game of skill, it is a brutal game of pain, agony, degradation and humiliation – and whatever it is, Dirty Chai is the only piece in play.

The cunt is bound to a pole, in painful balled heels, semi-gimped, gagged, with a vibrator tormenting its pain-cunt and cruel clamps biting into its nipples, the whore has nowhere to go except into the depths of its own agony.

What a trip.

The suffering continues and in the end, the cunt has dripped all over the board because, deep down, it knows this is where it is supposed to be.

Dirty Chai is a Brutalized Chess Piece just for you to play with.

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