BrutalMaster – Blossom – The Bleeding Bitch (01.11.23)

Normally we wait a long time to release the second part of a series but we are making an exception in this case because there have been so many requests to see the remainder of Blossom in Makin’ A Bitch Bleed.

By now, Blossom was truly and utterly destroyed. As she put it, “.i let it all go and suffered so well, the most exciting scenes of my life.”

Be that as it may, there was more to come, a lot more. Her tits are bloody and now extremely heavy weights are added to increase her agony. The bitch is literally dripping wet, which tells you everything you need to know bout this cunt.

The true intensity comes from the continued beating – this may well be the most intense whipping ever in HELL!, and remember, this piece of shit is straddling a dog house with real shingles that are destroying its cunt, it is bleeding from its udders which are also freshly spiked, and there are weights dragging down both her tits are legs.

And the cunt is dripping blood.

We went from, Makin’ The Bitch Bleed, to The Bleeding Bitch – and this is all for your amusement. Think of every scream, moan, cry, whimper, beg, all her suffering, is just for your entertainment.

So, please be entertained by Blossom in The Bleeding Bitch.

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