BrutalMaster – Blossom – No Nonsense In Heel! (05.04.23)

The title of this session came from Blossom herself, at one point when the agony was particularly intense in response to a question posed by BrutalMaster, the cunt blurted out, “There is no nonsense in HELL!”

Seemed like an apt title for a very, very serious beating of a worthless piece of shit whore.

In fact, that is the secondary title, which the cunt also cried out, that “Whores get whipped!”

And she should know, she is a whore, specifically a degradation and pain whore, but why quibble.

Blossom is about as low as a cunt can be. She readily admits that she not only needs and deserves degradation, humiliation, pain, punishment, torture — but she actively seeks it out because she understands that is all she is, the sum of her is the amusement her utter debasement and agony provides others.

That is why Whores Get Whipped and, truly, There is no Nonsense in HELL!

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