BrutalMaster – The Pig – Cunt Caning (11.05.20)

When we say “Cunt Caning,” we really have two meanings, on one hand, we are caning The Pig’s filthy, worthless, whore cunt. On the other hand, because The Pig is herself just a cunt, we are also just caning a cunt overall.

Maybe we are overthinking it.

What is not over-thought is what BrutalMaster did to The Pig’s cunt and thighs (and really, all the rest of her, too). This is torture, pure and simple, and the reason The Pig is in HELL! in the first place. She is an extreme masochist, but that does not mean the pain is not agony.

You can see her suffering, for your amusement and entertainment, from the first lash as she struggles and screams through the black ball gag she is wearing.

This is true suffering, punishment, with a nice dose of humiliation and degradation thrown in just to remind this cunt what she is.

The Pig and her Cunt Caning.

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