BrutalMaster – It – Dungeon Torture (08.23.21)

His has a little something for everyone. It is a piece of meat, an object, of course. But you already knew that. What you may not know is It constantly craves crueler and crueler treatment. You might say there is no depth to which It will not sink.
Along those lines, the cunt is in the dungeon, right where she belongs, chained and strapped to the torture board where the real abuse begins. To start with, she is gimped, as always, and along the way she is fucked with a fucking machine, her feet are caned bastinado style, and then the bitch is waterboarded.
There is, of course much more, but this is a horrific, brutal, sadistic session for a masochistic piece off meat. Your really don’t want to miss this.
It in Dungeon Torture and so much more.

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