BrutalMaster – Filth – Pole Torture Pig (04.06.21)

This could be a stripper pole, if the stripper was a masochistic piece of meat who thrived on people watching her suffer humiliation and torture. But this is Filth, and she is just a cunt who needs to be punished just for being a cunt.

In this case, her huge, hanging painbags are just plain worked over. She is screaming and crying within seconds but that makes literally no difference in HELL! She is nothing more than a life support system for a pair or udders that are merely targets for torment.

It is just so much fun to watch this bitch completely come apart and then thank everyone for watching her suffering. Her prime job is licking dirty assholes. But she is also a great punishment and humiliation whore. She understands her agony is so you can enjoy a few minutes of entertainment, all at the expense of this cunthole.

Filth is a REAL Pole Torture Pig.

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