BrutalMaster – Filth – Piss Plank Torture (11.26.20)

This is hard to describe only because there are really no words to paint a real picture of how low Filth really is. It all starts in the dungeon with the worthless cunt in her cage. She has been in there a long time and been holding her piss. Once out, the whore pisses in a bucket like…well…a whore.

Just keep that in mind, a bucket of piss in the dungeon in HELL!

The meathole is bound to the torture plank and stretched out. The cunt is already bruised and battered looking from several days of unrelenting torture. And now is time for more. She is worked over until she is a crying, slobbering, whimpering mess after which, you guessed it, that piss in the bucket is poured all over the piece of shit’s head. The bucket goes over her head for a while, after which she crawls around on the filthy floor cleanig up her own piss.

This is deep humiliation, degradation and, of course, pain.

Filth and the Piss Plank.

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