BrutalMaster – Carmen Rough – Device Torture (02.15.21)

We all know there is something about a redhead bound and spread with long flaming pigtails that is just perfect. It goes beyond perfection when the redheaded cunt is a self-described broken girl who understands she needs to be punished, tortured even.

And that is the position in which Carmen Rough finds herself.

She explained, when asked that she likes devices that hold her in place with no chance of being able to protect herself from her torturer. We suspect that increases the intimacy between the inflictor of agony and the recipient of that pain.

But in HELL! such things make no difference. What does matter is that this cunt is where she should be and getting what she deserves with no mercy given. She is, for all intents and purposes, part of that very simple device that is holding her in place so she can suffer to the maximum.

The welts covering her flesh prove that.

Carmen Rough, an aptly named piece of meat, and her Device Torture.

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