BrutalMaster – Angel Brat – Suffering Bitch (10.22.21)

There is something about a red head that we just love in HELL!. To paraphrase the old saying, “red on the head, crazy in the…dungeon.” Well, something like that.
It also does not hurt when that red head is over six feet tall in heels. Or to be more accurate, it DOES hurt her, not us.
It is well known that red heads feel pain differently, perhaps more acutely. All this brings us to Angel Brat, an aptly named red headed bitch who clearly deserves all the pain and humiliation coming her slutty way because she is, in fact, a brat.
Of course, we enjoy brats in HELL! Do you know what we call them?
And that is what Angel Brat and her brattiness are, a target.
Angel Brat is a Suffering Bitch.

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