BondageLiberation – Katt Anomia, Elise Graves – Protruding Breasts Get Beaten

The very sexy Katt Anomia has engorged breasts on this blessed day that need to be tied, spanked, caned and clamped! Elise is happy to oblige! Beginning with a lighter silicone paddle, Elise begins to tenderize Katt’s amazing breasts. Katt squeals and squeaks in the most endearing manner – like catnip to Elise. Ultimately Elise moves on to harsher implements such as a firmer paddle, a cane and biting and pinching! Alternating between beating breasts and grabbing Katt’s hair encouraging her to suck on her own tits, Elise is obviously enjoying herself immensely. How could one not with such a play toy as Katt?

142 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:10:34

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