A Little Christmas Fun – 12.27.21

It’s the holiday season so sit down, grab your favorite holiday beverage and have a little Christmas fun with Greyhound! As the stream begins, your favorite creature shows off her obedience and her flexibility by taking several bondage positions and yoga positions then adds to her bondage with a nice leather belt around her waist before laying on her back with her legs spread exposing herself to the camera. After a little more yoga and stretching, she slips on a pair of leather garters then adds a festive touch to the stream by putting on a pair of red knee high socks and secures them with the garters. As the stream progresses, Greyhound licks and cleans a large red butt plug and inserts it into her ass then uses two large padlocks to secure her wrists to the corners of the cage behind her leaving her nicely bound and on display!

154 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:45:24

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