Insex – 2002.06.01 – Drink (Live Feed From April 14, 2002) 412

2002, 412, Caning, Castration_band, Chain, Chair, Clothing, Collar, Cuffs, Device, Diaper, Dildo, Forced Drinking, Forced Exercise, Forced Orgasm, Heels, Hood, Labia-Clamp, Latex, Leather, Make-Up, Marks, Metal, Metal Boots, Nipple-Torture, Pissing, Rubber Band, Strap, Suction, Suspension, Tip-Toe, Undressing, Vibrator, Weights

Like a diapered newborn in her highchair, 412 fidgets restlessly, anxious to come out and play. Metal restraining her absolutely around the neck and wrists, she fixes her makeup chained to the station. Metal boots tightened at the bottom crush her finely arched feet, causing her large eyes to glaze with tears. With a rubber brake laced over neck and mouth, she is forced to gulp water that drips into her mouth through a long tube.

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