Recapturing Yultsi – Part 1 – Graias

Recently Yultsi is building her career on femdom, and indeed she’s doing her job almost perfectly. Most of the submissive guys, who are applying to take role in a femdom movie, are taking their step back when they are told that the domme of the movie will be Yultsi. But there is a point that Dr Lomp must intervene, that Yultsi is being hooked on to dominance, and soon she may forget her position next to Dr Lomp. She is eventually his submissive, who must please him with her tears. Thus, Dr Lomp creates an excuse, and accuses her for terribly hurting a guy in a former record. She is told that she will be punished for this fault. As Dr Lomp guessed, Yultsi can’t believe her ears, and starts to weep against this degradation. Watch and see how Dr Lomp puts Yultsi into deep subspace.

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