Keeping It Messy – 03.07.22

It’s training time for Greyhound, watch her make a drooly mess of herself and the floor as she engages in a little oral training! Hooded in a nice open faced hood with her mouth held open by a nasty spider gag, our little creature presents her mouth to the camera before beginning her next lesson in oral training. Watch as she eagerly takes the large dildo into her mouth and licks and sucks it like only she can, it isn’t long before she begins drooly all over herself and the floor as she gets herself all horned up for you. Eventually she removes her spider gag and engages in a little more sensuous sucking of the dildo before presenting her well used mouth to the camera before wrapping things up by obediently presenting her pussy and ass to the camera!

186 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:41:28