InfernalRestraints – Pinky – Glamour Sink (INSEX – Remastered) (11.04.22)

She has chosen the screen name “Pinky”. We’ll see how pink she is. She’s as cute as a button, smiling and bubbly.

Let’s take that pretty head out of the game for an opening. Cuff her hands to a waist chain. And set off her fashionable vintage saddle shoes with cuffed ankles. The trope is she has been waiting at the pillar box for a few hours.The old man lurches right for the legs. Running his hands along the smooth creamy pegs he ends up at the crease.

The hands have to be taken out of play. He unhooks the waist chain and puts it around her neck. Pulls the hands up and locks them high at the neck.

She’s excited, willing and naïve. He decides to put a vibrator in the gash and pulls her panties up behind her. He turns on the buzz and walks away while she stews. With a suitable wait he now approaches her with a cane in hand.

The conditioning begins: while she moans and squirms with the motor between her stubbly mons; he stings her legs with the cane. A mix of pleasure and pain in the smothering hot box she is well on her way for the trip of a lifetime.

She comes back many times.

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