Hole Training – 10.18.21

In this sexy and hot stream, your little creature engages in a little two hole training! To start things off we find our little creature presenting down just in front of her old attic storage room in the upstairs bedroom, after rising to her knees Greyhound grabs the two clothespins dangling from the chains attached to her nipple shackles and clips them to her pussy lips to add a little pain aspect to her training. After licking the dildo attached to the fucking machine in front of her, Greyhound then reaches behind her and attaches two more clothespins on chains to her pussy lips which keeps her held nicely in place for her training. The real fun soon begins as Greyhound slips the large blue dildo behind her into her ass and fucks herself with it while simulatanously sucking and licking the dildo on the fucking machine in front of her, she gives herself multiple orgasms from the double fucking before winding things down by laying on her back with her legs spread nicely for the camera then obediently presents down to end her training session!

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