Graias – Difference Of Pain Reaction – Part 6

As you remember, Diana had her sole torment before, and sole pain had been enough to turn her to a teardrop fountain. Now it is Jasmin’s turn to taste the same pain. Since Dr Lomp knows that Jasmin is an experienced slut, he will push more and will hit on both soles of the poor girl. One of her ankles will be elevated and tied up to the ceiling; thus, her pussy will be open for any strokes. In addition, Dr Lomp will use the shocker, which will increase the sensitivity of the sole skin. Jasmin, who still has her tears on her cheeks from the previous scene, is to drop and consume all the teardrops in this last part of the long serial. It has always been lovely to witness Jasmin’s suffering, so watch the movie and enjoy her one more time.

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