BondageLiberation – Elise Graves – Self Nipple Torment

Elise Graves has large, beautiful nipples. On this particular day, they are also very sensitive, as Elise is pre-menstrual, resulting in overly sensitive nipples and breasts. Elise delights in her nipples being tormented, and doing the torment to herself allows for her to fine tune her own torment. Using several sets of nipple clamps, pointy stick, riding crop and more, Elise gives you a very CLOSE UP view of her beautiful nipples being abused. After Elise tortures her nipples, she can’t help but use the vibrator that she was using on her nipples for torment, on her pussy for pleasure. If you like large nipples being hurt, this is the video for you! :)

1.79 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:25:31