DeviceBondage – Charlie Valentine: Learning Her Place (04.06.22)

Charlie Valentine is exploring her sexuality right in front of us, and this time she does it with The Pope who will gladly put her through her paces. She begins in a predicament position with her legs spread wide and tucked away. Her arms are at her side, where its all held in place with leather and chains. The Pope installs a rigid device that holds a vibe against her pussy so that he can do other things while she fights off orgasms. He torments her with a flogger and nipple clamps and then moves the vibe so that he can abuse her pussy as he sees fit. Next, she is in a doggy position with her legs, arms, and neck trapped within cold steel pipes. He goes to work terrorizing her flesh with a crop that’s aimed at all of her sensitive parts. After that, he fucks her mouth and then moves to her pussy for some powerful orgasms. The final scene shows Charlie on her back with her legs spread. Vulnerable and available for him to do whatever he wants. He runs through the gambit of implements of torment, taking time to let her relish in the suffering of each one. He uses a variety of floggers, a crop, the cat-o-nine tails, and other tools to make this slut scream and beg. She is finished off with a few farewell orgasms before being released form the bondage and sent home.

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