BrutalMaster – Katslut – ShitPig Humiliation (06.26.22)

This is the most degrading thing that ever happened to a bitch in HELL!

First some backstory, Katslut is actually a Mistress in her own right, she owns, or has owned, slaves over the years. But she, it, really, also craves the most extreme humiliation and degradation imaginable.

And that is where this comes in.

The bitch came to HELL! with the express understanding that it would be essentially degraded to the point of nothingness.

Yes, its udders are painfully bound, and it is chained, and for a time it lost the privilege of using its thumbs. But this is more than that, just to make it less.

You can see all this for yourself, but suffice to say, in the end, Katslut was really no longer human.

If it ever was.

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