BrutalMaster – Dog – Pear of Anguish and a Stretched Out Cunt (01.18.23)

This film is called “The Pear of Anguish (and a stretched-out cunt)“, but it could just as easily have been called all sorts of other things, such as “Torturing a Worthless Piece-of-Meat in a Dungeon,” or, well, you get the idea.

Part of the fun was ramming the Pear of Anguish into this bitch’s cunt, screwing it all the way open, and then watching it fall out because her cunthole is so completely destroyed. Of course, the weights we put on it probably played a part in this.

As a little background, the whore had already been tortured for a day at this point, and you will just love the way she moans and grunts like an animal as the pear goes in and then falls out and goes in again.

Ultimately, this entire time in HELL!’s Dungeon was soul-destroying degradation and agony, which is what this cunt, Dog, is good for and not much else. It is always wonderful to find a bitch who truly understands her place, purpose, and worth, and that is Dog. Her place is suffering in HELL!, her purpose is to entertain others with her agony and dehumanization, and her worth is zero other than the amusement she creates in her utter objectification.

Dog is tortured with the Pear of Anguish and you can laugh at her Stretched-out Cunt.

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