BrutalMaster – CheapMeat – First Time in HELL! (02.01.22)

This is CheapMeat, and that is a very good description of this little piece of meat. This is the bitch’s first time in HELL! but that does not mean BrutalMaster went easy on her, not at all. This is also her first time being tortured like this, so it was an eye opening experience for the cunt.

Of course, eye opening is a moot point considering she was hooded and could not see the entire time. Did she enjoy it? Who cares. Did she make the most entertaining agony noises? Absolutely.

In this delightful session, the cunt is straight-jacketed with her tits exposed. Her pain orbs are then brutalized, HELL!-style leaving them looking like a couple of purple, red, and black pain-melons.

You are going to love watching this cunt suffer, and this is just the first time.

So, give a hearty Welcome to HELL! to CheapMeat suffering her First Time In HELL!

1.55 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:21:42

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